Intensive 4 Week Taxi Course


One-to-One Intensive Edinburgh Taxi Courses (4 weeks)

Our intensive 4 week Edinburgh Taxi Course are designed for those who require to get on the road quickly. This course is one to one training.

The course lasts 4 weeks. I will personally take you out 4 days per week and four nights two. We will cover absolutely everything you need to know.

I will discuss all the areas of the course, including all the paperwork and the type exam papers that you will need to pass. The theory and practical elements are also covered in depth.

These one-to-one intensive taxi courses cost £800 and will teach you everything you need to pass the Edinburgh Taxi Exam… quickly! Once payment is received your place on the course is reserved and as such no refunds can be provided.

To enquire call me, Robert, on 07960 079 062


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